Mobile Signal Survey

Using our innovative QuantumPath mobile survey and assurance system, we survey both in-building and outdoor mobile signal and application performance

QuantumPath Assurance

Our survey details the 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G mobile signals, together with metrics such as voice call reliability, internet access availability and quality, and cloud access performance

It can be used to compare mobile network operators and their services, such as Wi-Fi calling, to highlight the best operator in a region or country


New Premises

Evaluate the mobile signal before moving locations, saving time and money, and minimising the impact on your business’s efficiency 

New Mobile Operator

Understand the extent of mobile not-spots at main and branch offices, and how they impact business efficacy and employees’ health and safety


Evaluate the mobile signal before moving mobile operators. Surveys can be performed at both office and home locations to ensure a successful migration


Understand the mobile signal and service quality before using as back-up network connections for Point Of Sale, office staff, or to remove expensive leased lines

QuantumPath In-Building Survey


New Buildings

Allow architects and developers to understand the existing mobile signal of a site before a new building is developed 

Remote Locations

Allow companies to establish connectivity for lone workers, system control and remote site monitoring


Allow companies providing Internet of Things the ability to understand how each mobile operator compares on mobile signal and service quality


Allow emergency service organisations to understand the coverage areas and service quality of the new UK Emergency Services Network

QuantumPath Outdoor Survey

Contact us to arrange a survey, or click on the Mobile Survey brochure to find out more


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