Quantum Path

Quantum Path (QP) family of products is designed for network operators and vendors. QP products are used to proactively diagnose mobile networks, automate testing, reduce OPEX and subscriber churn and improve subscriber QoE

QP-TaaS (Brochure)

QP Testing and Troubleshooting As A Service

  • Cloud based automated control of upto 8 mobiles
  • Continuous testing (24x7x365) over 2G, 3G, 4G networks
  • OPEX reduction

QP-ProMobile (Brochure)

QP Proactive Mobile. Proactively and intelligently monitor your network

  • Geographical and temporal trends
  • Real-time view of QoE across network
  • Churn reduction
  • QoE improvement

QP-Cell2Core (Brochure)

Proactively diagnose problems from cell edge to the core network

  • Speedy fault isolation
  • Improved launch times for new services
  • OPEX reduction

If you want more details about the products, please get in touch via contact@spryfoxnetworks.com