QuantumPath SIAB

The Signal-In-A-Box - a complete mobile signal booster in an easy-to-install form

What do you get?

Network Unit

Receives the mobile signal from outside via the supplied antenna and sends it to the Coverage Unit for re-broadcast within the building
No outside antenna required

Coverage Unit

Connects to the Network Unit via standard Cat6/Ethernet cabling and is placed optimally within the building to re-broadcasts the mobile signal

QuantumPath device

Constantly monitors and tests both the mobile signal and service, giving assurance of optimal operation, and allowing early fault detection and resolution

Full installation

System is fully installed by Spry Fox Networks, and is continuously remotely monitored and supported


Supports up to 100 simultaneous users

Covers up to 12,500 m² of in-building space (per Coverage Unit)

Can be configured for any UK mobile operator

Provides simultaneous 4G and 3G signals, supporting voice and data

No broadband connection needed

No user pre-registration needed, or contact with the mobile operator

Seamless coverage to and from outdoor to in-building, subject to sufficient outdoor coverage and optimal unit placements

Supports roaming users

Option to add up to 3 further Coverage Units to expand coverage area

Each Coverage Unit can be placed up to 100m from the Network Unit, or up to 200m with the optional Range Extender

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