QuantumPath Home

Our most cost effective mobile signal booster.
Perfect for the home office

QuantumPath Home
What Is It?

QuantumPath Home is a small, compact mobile signal booster, perfect for boosting mobile signals in a small office or in the home.

With the recent significant increase in home working, the QuantumPath Home signal booster is ideal for ensuring business-grade mobile communications in the home.

If you're a business looking to provide units for your employees now working from home, please contact us - discounts for multiple units are available, and we can provide remote support and assurance for your employees.

Supports up to 100 simultaneous users

Covers up to 1500 m² of in-building space

Configurable to any UK mobile operator

Simultaneous 4G and 3G signals, supporting voice and data

No broadband connection needed

No user pre-registration needed

Seamless coverage to and from outdoor to in-building

Supports roaming users

How to get one?


We will get everything ready

We set the desired mobile operator, configure and fully test the system, before posting it to out to you

Plug it in

Connect up the system and enjoy the great mobile coverage now available

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