QuantumPath NEF

Building Intelligent Mobile Networks

QuantumPath Network Exposure Function mobile core solution

A major milestone in the monetization of 5G.
The QuantumPath Network Exposure Function (NEF) unlocks the potential of 5G to increase revenue for enterprises and public & private mobile network operators
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Cloud-native 5G Network Exposure Function to expose mobile network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Converts a wireless network into a Programmable Connectivity Platform via APIs for external applications and enterprises

Unlocks the true potential of 5G

Generates new revenue streams

QuantumPath NEF enables innovative & customised use cases for multiple sectors

Private Networks
Finance & Banking 
Cellular IoT 
Entertainment & Media

QuantumPath NEF on Microsoft Azure

Dynamic AS QoS configuration by AF

Dynamic AS Quality of Service Configuration by Application Function (AF)

The QuantumPath NEF is integrated with Free5GC's 5G Core Network and deployed on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.  The video here demonstrates dynamic Quality of Service (QoS) configuration

QuantumPath NEF on Azure Cloud with Kubernetes

QuantumPath NEF on Azure Cloud with Kubernetes


QuantumPath NEF inter-working with Free5GC's 5G Core and simulators as shown in the diagram.

It is deployed on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform along with Kubernetes services and industry standard cloud application tools.

It showcases an important 5G core network capability exposure use case by allowing the external AF to set up an application session and dynamically configure the QoS parameters.

Call flow - Dynamic QoS Configuration by AF

Call flow - Dynamic QoS Configuration by AF

Call flow details

The above demo showcases the call flow given in the diagram here. This is taken from 3GPP specification TS 23.502

Example Use Cases Enabled by Dynamic QoS configuration

Example Use Cases Enabled by Dynamic QoS configuration

Use cases

This functionality enables some of the important use cases for applications like media/content streaming, extended reality (XR) & gaming applications

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If you are an enterprise in any of the sectors above, we would like to demonstrate to you how QuantumPath NEF will enhance your business

If you are a mobile operator, telecommunications cloud provider or private mobile network deployment, we would like to show how QuantumPath NEF can create new revenue streams for you

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