Our Company

Created in 2014, we are one of the few UK companies who can check and, more importantly, fix your mobile signal and services

Our Specialities

Mobile Signal Coverage

We specialise in surveying mobile signal coverage, and providing organisations with advanced solutions to improve their in-building mobile signal coverage

Service Assurance

It's not enough to have a great mobile signal; it's the services & applications that count. We developed QuantumPath to assure these, based on our vast experience in networking & mobile telecommunications


As a founding SME member of the 5G Innovation Centre, and drawing on our vast expertise in 5G and 4G networks, we're offer new solutions to bring innovative 5G applications to organisations and the mobile industry alike

Network Design

Whether it's problems with your mobile network, you need to take advantage of our network design, integration and optimisation capabilities, or if you need a new, assured and resilient hybrid or wired network, our Cisco-certified telecoms experts are available to help

Our Values


We provide the right products and services to meet your requirements and budget, without a hidden agenda to use a specific product or service provider


We give unbiased, honest advice. We are a technical company that deliberately does not have a sales and marketing team; our results themselves generate repeat business


Our consultants and engineers have designed, developed and deployed some of the most complex networks and systems worldwide. We understand the underlying technology and standards which allows us to provide the best solutions to meet your needs

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